Meet our Canadian cranberry and wild blueberry partner: Fruit d’Or, Inc.

Since its inception in 2001, Berrico FoodCompany has partnered with Canadian company Fruit d’Or that started in 2000.In 2018 they started a joint venture Berryceuticals. Fruit d’Or is the global market leader in cultivated organic cranberries and manages both the cultivation and the harvest of our organic and conventional cranberries and blueberries. European Berrico and Canadian Fruit d’Or are family-owned companies that form a close partnership. Both share the same belief that only the best and purest ingredients are good enough for our customers. This common ethos guides us in everything we do and is recognized by our clients across the globe.

At Berryceuticals we are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.


Fruit d’Or processes the berries with a level of care that can only be described as unique. With more than 20 years of experience, this family business has the art of growing and harvesting cranberries down to a T. Each parcel of land is farmed with respect to ensure that each crop is nurtured to perfection. Guided by strong environmental and social values, Fruit d’Or has developed proprietary processing techniques and perfected the art of handling insects and weeds by natural means. Over the past two decades, Fruit d’Or has developed into a specialist with a diverse range of over 50 different cranberry and blueberry products that are available in a variety of forms: dried, juice, juice concentrate, puree, chips and powder.

Fruit d’Or is FSSC 22000 certified and together with Berrico’s certification (IFS Broker, SGF and BRC-AB), this ensures the quality of the harvesting, processing and logistics process from A to Z. Our conventional cranberries and blueberries are vegan and kosher certified and the organic range meets all standards set by the European certification for organic products (SKAL).

Berryceuticals actively contributes to a hearty lifestyle and a better future through pure and natural ingredients