About Berryceuticals – Value by Nature

Berryceuticals bv was created as a joint venture by Dutch based Berrico FoodCompany bv and Canada based Fruit d’Or, Inc. From the start, our expertise lies in cranberry and wild blueberry products as Fruit d’Or is world’s largest grower and producer of organic cranberries and owner of wild blueberry specialist Bleuet Mistassini in Canada.

Our combined vision of unlocking the nutritional benefits of the cranberry and wild blueberry is further fueled by our research, verification and standardization on their macro- and micronutrients. Having the ability to offer our beloved products standardized on Proanthocyanidins, Antioxidants and Polyphenols, on the basis of natural production and state of the art production methods (selection, drying and granulation), farm to fork and unadulterated are the main reasons why our customers prefer the portfolio of Berryceuticals.

Over the past years, we have been growing and expanding our business all over Europe, focusing on finding natural and plant-based nutraceuticals for our clients. While our focus still lies on cranberry and wild blueberry, we have expanded our product portfolio to offer category relevant nutraceutical ingredients fitting to the latest consumer trends around plant-based powders and oils.

From the start, our expertise lies in cranberry and wild blueberry products


Berryceuticals exclusively works with high-quality ingredients and products that are available in organic and conventional grade. All suppliers have been carefully selected, allowing us to ensure quality and guarantee full traceability from farm to fork. Our commitment to quality, science, and innovation, helping manufacturers create superior end-products that are tried, tested, and true.


Sustainability is top of our agenda, and we strive to implement this into everything we do. We focus on building and maintaining fruitful relationships with both suppliers and clients; guaranteeing quality ‘from field to fork’. We personally visit our producers and maintain a dialogue with our suppliers to safeguard the quality of our products. Our goal is to create added value for every member of the chain.

What does Berryceuticals stand for?

Our mission is to produce and promote high-quality fruit ingredients for the nutraceutical industry and with our farm-to-fork transparent supply chain approach to meet and surpass environmental and sustainable standards.

Our key values that impact everything we do

  • Health. Body and mind for the balance and energy needed in life

  • Quality. Pure and safe ingredients

  • Social. Networking, trust and justice maintaining fair and long-term relationships
  • Ecosystem. Biodiversity and sustainability for the future
  • Education & Innovation. Learning and sharing knowledge for technical advancement and innovation

Berryceuticals actively contributes to a hearty lifestyle and a better future through pure and natural ingredients